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We are pleased to announce the release of our documentary:
Hot Water on Long Island
It is available now to rent or buy on the following platforms.

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Hot Water On Long Island

Our documentary, Hot Water on Long Island, won the prestigious Alan Fortunoff Humanitarian Film Award in July at the 25th Annual Long Island International Film Expo. The festival was held at the iconic Bellmore Movie Theatre, owned and run by Henry and Anne Stampfel. Attended by filmmakers and stars, the festival was a huge success.

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Hot Water On Long Island

A new documentary about Radium, Radon, and other toxins that exist within the groundwater and the aquifer that supplies the drinking water for all of Long Island.

Earth Law … an Environmental Legal Group has written a scathing report about three schools on Long Island, with unusually high rates of Cancers and many medical issues, such as Parkinson’s Disease, Vertigo, rashes, and other medical anomalies suffered by residents, students, and teachers, near these contaminated sites.

HOT WATER ON LONG ISLAND examines the causes, the effects, and potential solutions to Radioactivity (including Radon and Polonium) in the water that exists in certain communities.

The documentary tells the story using experts, public and private documents and science interspersed with the real-life stories of those who are or were sick. And those who have relatives who have gotten ill or passed away from Cancers and other disease known to be caused by the toxins identified in the water or air where they go to school, work or live.

Small children and school staff are exposed to contaminated air, soil or water for many hours while attending schools. Many have fallen ill and died. Some suffer still.

Christopher Cornett, a gentleman now in his thirties, had previously attended one of those schools, became deathly ill with Cancer and was given a 5% chance to survive. He and ¾ of his family were all diagnosed with Cancer within eighteen months-time.
His survival story told in the documentary is a miracle in itself.

Christopher Cornett 2

The law firm now handling the Cornett family’s case and that of others in Bethpage, where they are currently establishing a certified class for a class action lawsuit is Napoli Shkolnik, in Melville. Under the leadership of Paul Napoli, a longtime resident of Long Island, they also represent some community members in Northport as well.

This film is dedicated to the children, teachers, staff and residents who have gotten sick or who have passed from exposure to toxic chemicals at or near schools, workplaces, or homes.

This Documentary is dedicated to Anthony Vasile...A promise kept...